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The South Florida Emerald Society - December 12, 2001 - Miami Yacht Club - Minutes

December 12, 2001

The meeting was called to order at 6:45 P.M. Present were Tom Dunn, President; Ed Cooke, First Vice President; Secretary, Carroll Cameron; Board members John Kane, Billy Cameron, Louise Nolan, Karen Dunn, Dan Fitzgerald; and members Bill Timmeny, Mary Ann Fierro and Dorothy Kane.

The Pledge to the Flag was led by President Dunn and a moment of silence was held for our military and for those who have suffered from the recent tragedies.

Statement by the President

1 Robert's Rules of Order will be followed.

2 Committee reports will be short and to the point, with time for discussion.

3 Discussion following reports will focus on the topic under discussion.

Minutes from last meeting

Carroll Cameron distributed minutes from last meeting which were later corrected and approved as amended.

Directive: C. Cameron to email corrected minutes to John Doherty to be published on the members page of the website.

Treasurer's Report (John Kane for John Doherty)

Emerald Society and St. Patrick's Festival Committee

John Kane presented interim reports (attached to the minutes) for the Emerald Society and St. Patrick's Festival Committee accounts. The income and expenses for the Christmas in Killarney festival have not been finalized as bills and checks are still being received. The certificates of deposit are the same.

Motion by C. Cameron to have raffle tickets for the 2002 Christmas festival printed by June 2002 to give members more time to sell them. Second by B. Cameron. Motion passed.

Motion by Cooke to appoint a Chair for handling sales of raffle tickets for both St. Patrick's festival and Christmas in Killarney. Second by B. Cameron. Motion passed. Karen Dunn was appointed.

Directive: K. Dunn to handle the sales of raffle tickets.

Motion by Cooke to send letter of thanks to all people and businesses who contributed raffle and door prizes. Second by D. Fitzgerald. Motion passed.

Directive: M. Fierro to send letters of thanks to all donors of raffle and door prizes.

Membership Committee Report ( Billy Cameron)

Motion by Cooke to waive the initial dues by applicant Maurice Grunden who donated two tables for Irish Catholic clergy at the Christmas in Killarney festival. Second by B. Cameron. Motion passed.

Continuing Business

A. Status of St. Patrick's Parade Committee's Exempt Status with the IRS was not available.

Directive: T. Dunn to contact Chris Kelly for information on St. Patrick's Parade Committee's Exempt Status with the IRS.

B. Christmas Show\Dinner (Bill Timmeny and Tom Dunn)

Ticket sales were best ever and event was sold out.

Motion by Cooke to refund Fr. Sean O'Sullivan's money for the ticket he bought. Second by B. Cameron. Motion passed.

Karen Dunn will coordinate sales of raffle tickets for all events for 2002. Motion by T. Dunn to print the raffle tickets on thicker card stock. Second by J. Kane. Motion passed.

Discussion was held concerning price of raffle tickets. Decision was deferred to be addressed by new Board in March.

Motion by T. Dunn to have raffle tickets emphasize the prize rather than the event. Second by J. Kane. Motion passed.

Motion by D. Fitzgerald to return to Coral Gables Country Club for 2002 Christmas event. Second by C. Cameron. Motion passed. Discussion on expected increase in Club and Entertainment charges. Motion by Cooke to reserve three dates in December with the Coral Gables Country Club and to book entertainer early so that we can lock in the best date for the entertainment. Second by C. Cameron. Motion passed.

Directive: D. Fitzgerald to contact the agent who arranges for the talent for the Christmas party and to report on available entertainers by next Board meeting.

Motion by T. Dunn to change the entertainment each year, whenever possible, to keep the sales of tickets brisk. Second by J. Kane. Motion passed.

John Kane and Mary Ann Fierro were thanked for their outstanding efforts in publicity, ticket organization, and sales. Dorothy Kane was instrumental in helping both of these members in their efforts to make the Christmas Festival a success.

C. Nominating Committee for Elections 2002

President Dunn appointed John Kane, Chair; Chris Kelly, Dan Fitzgerald to this committee.

Directive: Nominating Committee to send letters to all members describing duties of officers, board, and committee members and ask interested members to submit nominations to the committee.

D. Irish Cultural Series at John Martin's

Ed Cooke reported on the December event, the Kirking of the Tartans, at Trinity Cathedral in Miami. Emeralds participated in the pipe band and efforts will be made to forge an alliance with the Scottish American group to encourage their participation in our Celtic cultural series.

1. Next event: Sunday, January 6, 2002. Speaker will be Bill Timmeny, a stock market historian. Topic will be the booming Irish economy.

2 February events: Sunday, February 3, 2002. Speaker will be Nigel MacDonald on Scottish year.

E. 1. Social Meetings (Bill O'Brien)

The January and February Social Meetings will be announced via Big Mouth.

F. St. Patrick's Festival (Bill O'Brien, Ed Cooke, Billy Cameron, Mike O'Connor)

Michael O'Connor is the chair. The following persons were appointed to other positions:

Festival Book Position still open

Advertising sales Everyone should participate but chair is still open.

Entertainment Dan Fitzgerald

Booths and sales booths,etc. Chair still open.

Directive: B. Cameron to ask Gary Tomeny if he and his wife would chair food and vendor booths at St. Patrick's festival.

Publicity John Kane

B. Fourth of July Parade at Key Biscayne: No action taken.

Other Continuing Business

1. Website

Motion by C. Cameron to publish minutes on the web site after they are approved. Second by B. Cameron. Motion passed.

Directive: C. Cameron to amend minutes of November meeting and email to J. Doherty.

Directive: J. Doherty to forward corrected minutes to web master with instructions to publish them in the members section.

2. Directory (E. Cooke, chair; C. Cameron, G. Tomeny)
As soon as the member lists are reconciled, the committee will begin adding fields to the data base for each member. Only 30% of the members have returned their data sheets to the chair. After the lists are reconciled, the directory must go forward and members who have not returned corrected data sheets may find that their listing is incorrect.

Directive: L. Nolan-Battista to send a Big Mouth message to all members urging them to send their corrected data sheets to Ed Cooke so that their information will be accurately listed in the new directory.

3. Emerald Society Phone Calls - B. Timmeny contacted several people to answer questions about the Christmas festival. No other reports were submitted.

4. Scholarship Fund Foundation (B. Timmeny, Chair; B.Cameron, L.Nolan, E.Cooke, J.Doherty)

Directive: T. Dunn to obtain copy of the Law Enforcement Emerald's scholarship foundation documents.

5. Big Mouth
a. Big Mouth has been repaired thanks to Ed Cooke allowing the charges to be placed on his credit card. Louise Nolan-Battista's husband installed the new software and modem. The upgrade can send email as well as phone messages.

b. Current situation re: Committee of 100 to sublet. Liaison is Phil Gallagher.

Directive: T. Dunn to ask Louise Nolan-Battista if the new Big Mouth has the capability of including the member list from the Committee of 100 and if she can manage the additional data.

New Business

A. Newsletter

The newsletter editor has been planning to move from Miami-Dade County, and we have not implemented plans to carry on the newsletter once he is gone. It was decided to ask Gary and Judy Tomeny if they could edit the newsletter in the future. If they consent, the society will ask the current editor to start training them now.

Directive: C. Cameron to ask the Tomenys if they will consider editing the newsletter once the current editor leaves.

Directive: B. Cameron to ask the current editor if he could take the time to train the Tomenys.

Directive: C. Cameron to send bulleted highlights of Board meetings to editor of newsletter.

B. Involvement of Protestant Clergy in the Emerald Society

It was pointed out by Karen Dunn that not all Irish-Americans are Catholic and that we should make an effort to identify and invite Protestant, Jewish, and other clergy of Irish descent to our functions.

Directive: K. Dunn to plan a process for identifying Protestant, Jewish, and other clergy of Irish descent.

Once K. Dunn has achieved the above directive, the Board will make a concerted effort to encourage the participation of non-Catholic clergy in Celtic cultural and social events.

Health and Welfare

Vince Mitchell, the agent who arranges for the talent we hire, is recovering from injuries suffered in an automobile accident.

Dan Fitzgerald and Frank Kovacs are checking on the welfare of Nick Valeriani who is in an assisted living facility in the Boston area.

Good of the Society

John and Dorothy Kane created a magnificent poster picturing the people who attended the Christmas in Killarney festival.

Frank Durkin's exemplary work in obtaining door prizes for the Christmas in Killarney festival was noted.

Directive: J. Kane to make a copy of the picture taken of Frank Durkin at the Christmas in Killarney festival and to give the picture to Mary Ann Fierro.

Directive: M. Fierro to include the picture of Frank Durkin in the letter of thanks that she sends to him.

Up Coming Events 2002

1. Irish Cultural Meeting at John Martin's Sunday January 6, 2002

2. January Social (to be announced)

3. Board of Directors meeting 6:30 pm Thursday, January 10, 2002 at the Miami Yacht Club.

4. March 10,2002 Hollywood St Patrick's Parade Down town Hollywood, Florida.

Directive: T. Dunn to ask if we can sell our Emerald Society raffle tickets during the Hollywood St Patrick's Parade.

5. March 16,2002 St. Patrick's Festival Coral Gables, Florida.

Directive: Michael O'Connor to obtain permits for the St. Patrick's Festival.

Directive: Bob Meyer to assist Michael O'Connor in obtaining permits for the St. Patrick's Festival.

Directive: All members to think of people who will help work on the St. Patrick's Festival.

Directive: All members to submit the names of potential advertisers in the St. Patrick's Festival Book.


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