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November 1, 2001


Emerald Society
November 1, 2001
Miami Yacht Club

The meeting was called to order at 6:10 PM by President Tom Dunn. Board members present were Ed Cooke, First V. President; Michael O'Connor, Second V. President, John Doherty, Treasurer, Carroll Cameron, Secretary, Stu Robinson, Dan Fitzgerald, John Wright, Billy Cameron, John Kane, and Karen Dunn. Others in attendance were members Mary Ann Fierro, Bill Timmeny, and guest June Drake Robinson.
The Pledge to the Flag was read by President Dunn.
Statement by the President
1 Robert's Rules of Order will be followed.
2 Committee reports will be short and to the point, with time for discussion.
3 Discussion following reports will focus on the topic under discussion.
Minutes from last meeting
Minutes for the last meeting were presented.
Treasurer's Report (John Doherty)
The treasurer gave several detailed reports which are attached.
For the Christmas in Killarney Festival, the goal is to have 300 individuals attend the function and to sell 1000 raffle tickets. The treasurer emphasized the importance of all members making a concerted to sell tickets to the event and to sell raffle tickets so that the society will maximize the net gains. These funds are used for charitable purposes and to support the St. Patrick's Day festival.
Thanks were expressed to Buddy Kyne, Carroll Cameron, and Francis Durkin who have purchased tables for the Christmas in Killarney party. It was emphasized that there will be no reserved seating except for those who purchase entire tables (10 tickets).
\Membership Committee Report ( Billy Cameron)
New Members
The membership application of Antoinette Schwartz was approved.
The membership application of Brian Thorpe was approved pending receipt of a check of $88.00 for the initial year's dues.
Old Business
Irish Cultural Social
at John Martin's (Ed Cooke)
1. Next event
At 3:00 P.M. the first Sunday in November the cultural series will present a reading from "The Dead," a short story from James Joyce's book, Dubliners. The event will take place in the upstairs room of John Martin's restaurant in Coral Gables. Principal reader is Dan Fitzgerald, assisted by other Emeralds and by interested members of the community. Ed Cooke emphasized to the Board that all Irish Cultural Series events are free. After the reading, those present are invited to dine downstairs at the restaurant.
2 Upcoming events:
On December 2, 2000, the Irish Cultural Series will join the Scottish American Society of South Florida for a presentation of Christmas in Scotland. Plans are to meet at John Martins at 3:00 PM for an orientation about the kirking of the tartan (kirk is an old Anglo-Saxon word for church) and to carpool to Trinity Cathedral (around the Omni). The ancient ceremony at Trinity begins at 4:00.
Christmas Show\Dinner (Tom Dunn and Bill O'Brien)
John MacNally The Emerald Society has paid a $500.00 retained for John MacNally.
Date: Thursday December 6, 2001
At the Coral Gables Country Club
1. Cost of tickets for the Show/Dinner are $40.
2. Grand prizes are 2 round trip airfares to Ireland and a weekend to Club Med, all expenses paid.
Expenses were detailed in the treasurer's report.
Audio System for Social Meetings
Stu Robinson has purchased the audio system and was reimbursed $40.00.
November Social Meeting (Bill O'Brien)
The date, location, and price is to be announced. All members are urged to attend as it is the last time for us to get together prior to the Christmas in Killarney event.
Report on Donation to NY Police and Fire Disaster Funds ($500 + other donations)
The donation was made to the NY Police and Fire Disaster Fund and pictures were taken at the time of presentation. These pictures will be printed in the St. Patrick's Day Festival book.
Emerald Society Phone Calls
Mary Ann Fierro, who has taken charge of the tickets to the Christmas in Killarney event has given each member of the board a list on inactive or former members to call regarding attendance.
Directive: All Board members are to report to Mary Ann Fierro the results of their calls to inactive or former members at the December meeting. at the December meeting.
Scholarship Fund Foundation
Committee: B.Cameron, L.Nolan, E.Cooke, J.Doherty, B. Timmeny.
The committee is looking into establishing the framework for a foundation. It is suggested that one of the members who is an attorney be added to the committee to help with legal issues.
I. Big Mouth
The fact that Big Mouth has been broken for several months is a cause for concern. Ed Cooke offered to use his credit card to pay for an immediate replacement. The Board urged restoration within the month.
Directive: Ed Cooke to call Louise Nolan-Battista and give her instructions to replace the Big Mouth modem immediately.
St. Patrick's Festival
Bill O'Brien, Ed Cooke, Billy Cameron, Mike O'Connor.
President Dunn ruled to delay further committee work on the St. Patrick's Festival until after the Christmas event because the same people are planning both events.
Other Old Business
Carroll Cameron suggested having the minutes of Board meetings posted on the web site as soon as they are approved. The justification is that the members could read the minutes and determine if they could contribute in some way to improving the Society's processes.
Directory (C. Cameron, E. Cooke)
The directory needs two things.
1 Few of the data sheets mailed to members have not been returned, so the information for the directory is incomplete.
2 Incomplete data on all members is ready, but we need to hire a computer tech to enter fields and to transfer the data to a database program so it can be sent to the printer. Carroll Cameron knows a computer tech that could set up the database program for between $50-100. However, Gary Tomeny has volunteered to try to set it up for us. Then it is simply a matter of getting members to volunteer to enter data into the fields. Once the database is created, it can be kept up to date by volunteers, and, after this one time, the directory can be printed with a minimum of work and expense.
New Business
All Board members are to attend meetings of the Christmas in Killarney committee from now until the event is over.
Health and Welfare
Bill Owens lost a nephew in the bombing of the Twin Towers in New York. Martin Bennett is anticipating heart surgery at Broward General Medical Center. Nick Valeriani has relocated to Boston under the care of his niece.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM and immediately reconvened as the planning committee for the Christmas in Killarney event.

Up Coming Events
November Social at ____________________. Time ______________.
December 2 Kirking of the tartan at Trinity Cathedral. The ancient ceremony at Trinity begins at 4:00. Meet at John Martin's at 3:00.
December 6 Christmas In Killarney Dinner and Show, Coral Gables Country Club, with John MacNally
March 16 St. Patrick's Festival

The meeting adjourned at 9:00

Respectfully submitted,
Carroll Cameron
NEXT MEETING WILL BE THURSDAY, November 6 2001, with the Christmas in Killarney Committee.


All Board members are to report to Mary Ann Fierro the results of their calls to inactive or former members at the December meeting. at the December meeting.

Ed Cooke to call Louise Nolan-Battista and give her instructions to replace the Big Mouth modem immediately.

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