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The South Florida Emerald Society - January 10, 2002 - Miami Yacht Club - Minutes

January 10, 2002

Emerald Society
January 10, 2002
Miami Yacht Club
Call to order.
The meeting was called to order by President Tom Dunn at 6:45 P.M. Also present were Treasurer, John Doherty, Secretary Carroll Cameron, Board Members Karen Dunn, Bill O'Brien, Michael O'Connor, John Wright, Stu Robinson, Billy Cameron, Chris Kelly and guest, June Drake Robinson.
President Dunn led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Statement by the President
President Dunn offered a brief statement sharing our loss of Msgr. Brian Walsh, a long time member and supporter, who died shortly after attending the Emerald Society's Christmas in Killarney festival.
Minutes from last meeting (Carroll Cameron)
The minutes were amended and approved for publication on the Emerald Society's website.
Treasurer's Report (John Doherty)
The treasurer gave a detailed report, attached to these minutes. A summary of the cash reconciliation for the Emerald Society follows.
Beginning Cash Balance as of 1/1/01 $21,007.69
Revenues in 2001
Dues $ 7,467.50
Fundraising (Xmas Festival) $19,447.00
Total Revenues $26, 914.50
Expenses in 2001
General Operating Expenses $ 5,777.13
Fundraising (Xmas Festival) $14,352.03
Total Expenses $20,129.16

Change in Cash Balance as of 12/31/01 $+6,785.34

Certificate of Deposit $10,160.31
Certificate of Deposit $10,229.21
Total in Reserve $20,389.52

Membership Committee Report ( Billy Cameron)
Oliver Kerr, sponsored by Joe McManus and Tom Dunn was accepted as a new member.
. St. Patrick's Festival
Chris Kelly is working on renewing the St. Patrick's Festival 501(C)(3) status. He is going to determine whether it will be more cost effective to file to reinstate or to obtain new status. The papers should be filed by the next meeting
Directive: To the festival committee members to write letters to corporate sponsors. Bill O'Brien will provide a sample letter and will provide advice and direction.
Motion by Doherty to defer to the committee a decision on having a major prize and raffle for the St. Patrick's Day festival. Second by Robinson. Motion Passed.
B. Nominations for Elections 2002
The nominating committee has not met. Discussion on last month's directive to the committee to post duties of officers and board on web site to aid members who are interested in an office. Board members were urged to submit the names of possible candidates for office and board positions.
Directive: To nominating committee to have a slate ready for the next meeting.
C. Irish Cultural Social at John Martin's (Ed Cooke)
No report was made.
1. Next event : First Sunday in February.
2 Upcoming events:
D. 1. January Social Meeting (Bill O'Brien)
a. Date and Location Sachmo's in Coral Gables, Wednesday, January 30, 6:30 P.M.
b. Price TBA
2. February Social Meeting (Bill O'Brien)
a. Date and Location TBA
b. Price TBA
Suggestion by Doherty that the Emerald Society update the website calendar with the scheduled monthly meetings and social events so members could plan to attend. O'Brien volunteered to try to arrange social events three or four months ahead so this could be done. Doherty to coordinate with webmaster.
E. St. Patrick's Festival (Bill O'Brien, Ed Cooke, Billy Cameron, Mike O'Connor, Chair)
Festival Book /Chair person TBA
Add sales/Chair person TBA
Entertainment TBA
Booths and sales booths, etc. TBA
Publicity TBA
Directive: To Michael O'Connor to call a meeting of the St. Patrick's Day committee ASAP and assign people to each of the above positions.

B. Fourth of July Parade at Key Biscayne:
No action taken.
Other Old Business
1. Directives from last meeting
Directives were checked off. Those that were not accomplished will again be attached to the minutes.
2. Directory (C. Cameron, E. Cooke)
Committee is meeting on Sunday, January 13.
Directive: to C. Cameron to call Willard Graphics and see if they can download the member list from the web site for the directory.
3. Emerald Society Phone Calls (Reports will be taken from those who contacted people about requested information.)
None to report. Questions are beginning to come in about the St. Patrick's Festival.
Directive: to J. Doherty to email all questions about the St. Patrick's Festival to M. O'Connor
4. Scholarship Fund Foundation (B.Cameron, L.Nolan, E.Cooke, J.Doherty, B. Timmeny)
Motion by T. Dunn to table this project until we have the nonprofit status of the St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee reinstated. Second by Robinson. Motion passed.
5. Big Mouth
a Current situation re: Committee of 100 has asked for our assistance in setting up their own phone system. Motion by K. Dunn that we direct Committee of 100 to the business that we bought our system from. Second by Robinson. Motion passed.
Directive: to Louise Nolan Battista to cross check Big mouth phone numbers with the numbers posted on the web site so that all members will receive Big Mouth messages.
6. Raffle tickets
Motion by B. Cameron to rescind decision made at the December meeting to use heavier stock to print raffle tickets. Justification: the heavier stock would result in additional postage of between $0.35-0.45 per envelope. Second by Robinson. Motion passed. Decision was made to evaluate postage rates each time we print and mail raffle tickets.
New Business
1 2002 Christmas in Killarney initial plans
Directive: to Ed Cooke to call Coral Gables Country Club to select open dates in December and to work with Dan Fitzgerald to select an available entertainer.
2 Law enforcement Emerald Society St. Patrick's Day Parade
Directive: Tom Dunn to investigate whether The Emerald Society, Inc. could march in Law enforcement Emerald Society's St. Patrick's Day Parade.
3 Fundraising
Directive: C. Cameron to investigate an Irish tie to be sold at the festival and future events.

Health and Welfare

The Emerald Society lost one of its proudest members with the death of Msgr. Brian Walsh.

Good of the Society
No report.
Approval of Minutes from Last Meeting
Up Coming Events 2002
1. Irish Cultural Meeting at John Martin's Sunday February 3, 2002
2. January Social - Sachmo's on the 30th
3. Board of Directors meeting 6:30 pm Thursday February 7, 2002 at the Miami
Yacht Club.
4. March 10,2002 Hollywood St Patrick's Parade down town Hollywood, Florida.
5. March 16,2002 St. Patrick's Festival Coral Gables, Florida.

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