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The South Florida Emerald Society - March 7, 2002 - Miami Yacht Club - Minutes

March 7, 2002

Emerald Society
March 7, 2002
Miami Yacht Club
Minutes of the Board Meeting
The meeting was called to order by President Tom Dunn at 7:15 P.M. Also present were First V. President, Ed Cooke; Secretary, Carroll Cameron; Treasurer, John Doherty; Board Members Karen Dunn, Bill O'Brien, Billy Cameron, Dan Fitzgerald John Kane, Chris Kelley, Stu Robinson, and guest June Drake Robinson.
President Dunn led the Pledge to the Flag.
Minutes from last meeting (Carroll Cameron)
The minutes were submitted and later approved to be posted on the website.
Treasurer's Report (John Doherty)
Emerald Society
St. Patrick's Festival Committee
Christmas Show\Dinner
The treasurer gave detailed reports, attached to the minutes. Bill O'Brien was commended for his outstanding work in selling ads. However, the treasurer advised the board that few members are selling ads in the festival book. The success of the festival depends upon the sale of ads. If more members do not begin to sell ads to support the festival, the 2002 festival will lose money. We will have to use reserves to keep operating.
A. Status of St. Patrick's Festival Exempt Status with the IRS. (Chris Kelley)
Kelley has turned the paperwork concerning the tax status of the St. Patrick's festival over to CPA Tom Longman. Longman is trying to reinstate the tax exempt status from the standpoint that the Festival committee has under $25,000 in income each year and might not have been obliged to file yearly festival reports.
B. Status of Scholarship Committee: (Billy Cameron)
B. Cameron has the criteria used by the Law Enforcement Emeralds. We still have to work out a process for choosing recipients and a way to fund scholarships.
C. Membership Committee Report (Billy Cameron)
New Members
Charles Hesser, sponsored by Ed Cooke, and Wallace Stevens, sponsored by Michael O'Connor and Ed Cooke were both approved for membership
Associate Membership Application Form
A draft application form for associate membership (Friends of the Emeralds) was submitted and approved. A short version of this application was submitted to the Festival Book so that people attending the Festival could apply on site.
D. Election 2002 Report: John Kane, Chair
President Edward Cooke
1st Vice President Michael O'Connor
2nd Vice President John Wright
Treasurer John Doherty
Carroll Cameron Bill Gregory
Mary Ann Fierro Sean Hayes
Chairman Tom Dunn, President 2001-2002
Billy Cameron, Karen Dunn, Chris Kelley, Louise Nolan-Batista, Bill O'Brien
Historian Dan Fitzgerald

Newsletter Editor Stu Robinson

E. Celtic Cultural Meeting at John Martin's (Ed Cooke)
The reading from James Joyce's Ulysses was successful and people who came asked for followup sessions.
1. Next event: First Sunday in April (the 7th).
Topic/Speaker is Nigel MacDonald from the Scottish American Society who will talk on the South Florida Scottish Community
2 Upcoming events:
F. 1. March Social Meeting (Bill O'Brien)
a. Pub Crawl March 13, 2002 at Joe Healey's Hurricane Bar and Grill, 363 N. Royal Poinciana, Miami Springs.
b. Price $10

2. April Social Meeting (Bill O'Brien)
a. Date and Location April 25,2002 Tuscany in Coconut Grove.
b. Price $15.00
c. Other information The date was moved to the last Thursday because the pianist, Joe Donato, plays at the Tuscany on Thursday nights
E. St. Patrick's Festival March 16, 2002: Hartnett Park, Coral Gables
(Mike O'Connor, Chair, Bill O'Brien, Tom Dunn, Billy Cameron,)
Festival Book /Chair person Phil Johnson, Ed Cooke
The book is closed and ready for printing. Patrons names will be included and a section devoted to the community service performed by our members. Marge Hartnett was commended for bringing this need to the attention of the Board.
Ads sales/Chair person Bill O'Brien
Add sales have been slow with 90% sold by O'Brien.
Entertainment Dan Fitzgerald
Entertainment is lined up and ready.
Booths and crafts booths,etc. Gary Tomeny
No report, but word of mouth indicates this is under control.
Publicity John Kane
Ads are prepared for the Neighbors section of the Miami Herald at non profit rates and posters have been handed out to members to post in businesses.
Motion by O'Brien to advertise in Neighbors the Sunday and Thursday before the festival at a cost of $538/ad. Second by Cooke. Motion passed.
Shamrock ties Carroll Cameron
The ties have been delivered and are ready to be sold.
Motion by B. Cameron to sell the ties for $8.00 each or 2 for $15.00. Second by Robinson. Motion passed.

B. Fourth of July Parade at Key Biscayne: No action taken. However, it was briefly noted that due to "Sept. 11," it will be bigger and better.

Other Old Business
1. Directives from last meeting: All were accomplished
2. Directory (C. Cameron, E. Cooke): The Directory will be the first business after the festival. Members are urged to update their information on one of the sheets provided or by notifying the webmaster on the website.
New Business
1 2002 Christmas in Killarney initial plans: No action taken.
a. Dates
b. Place
c. Entertainment
2 Installation of officers
Discussion held on having a formal installation of new officers in April and moving the night at the Tuscany to May.
Motion by K. Dunn to have installation in April. Second by C. Cameron. Motion Passed.
Directive: E. Cooke to look into a place and time to have installation of officers. Price not to exceed $30.00
Motion by O'Brien to move the April Social at the Tuscany to a later date. Second by B. Cameron. Motion passed.
Health and Welfare
Claire Madan, Lorraine Jones & Frank Nolan are ill and being cared for by family members. Emeralds are urged to offer their support.
Good of the Society
Bill Hartnett is congratulated on being named Mr. ABCD of the Archbishop's Charities and Development Project.
The City of Coral Gables is going to proclaim March as Irish American month and recognize the Emerald Society.
Statement by the President
President Dunn thanked the Board for its cooperation during his year in office. He was given a standing ovation for his good work.
Up Coming Events 2002
1. March 9, 2002 Law Enforcement Emerald's Gala Saturday Shelburne Beach Resort 1800 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, Florida $30.00 a person.
2. March 10, 2002 Hollywood St. Patrick's Parade Down Town Hollywood, Florida
3. March 13, 2002 St. Patricks Pub Crawl from Joe Healey's Hurricane Bar and Grill 363 North Royal Poinciana, Miami Springs.
4. Last Festival Meeting Monday at 6:00pm Jack Thomson's Office
6. Board of Directors meeting 6:30pm April 4,2002 at the Miami Yacht Club Watson Island.
7. Emerald Society Celtic Cultural event April 7,2002, 3-5 PM at John Martin's Restaurant Coral Gables

Adjournment at 8:55 PM


Respectfully submitted,
Carroll Cameron

Directive: E. Cooke to look into a place and time to have installation of officers. Price not to exceed $30.00

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